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September 7, 2013
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Aeriforms: Kim by MooZaro Aeriforms: Kim by MooZaro

yaay . . . ..-
Bigger view :…
✱Name: Kim Efron
✱Nickname: //*None at the moment**
✱Gender: Male
✱Age: 19
✱Birthday: January 20th
✱Species: Umbrella Cockatoo //…
✱ Occupation: has a job . . ..somewhere :icongtthplz: . .

✱Height: 172.7cm // 5''8 in

✱Weight: 135 // 63.6 kgs

✱Marriage Item:
Tom Yum Goong //Soup
Churros //Desserts
- Ladies
- Blue
- Flowers
- Vanilla or Butter Pecan ice cream
- Sleeping
- Soft Sheets, pillows /etc
- Staring at Clouds when they move //well actually it's the Earth that moves and the clouds stands still but . . y'know . .//HIT**
- Being stroked and held when he's nervous
- Having buddies!!!
- Girls
- Cuffing season
- Bears
- Stuffed animals //preferably white or blue
- Bitter medicine
- Being neat
- Light
- Sunny days
- Girls
- more t.b.a??

✱Dislikes: [List of dislikes]
- Sweets ..he hates them ..ugh . .weirdo . .
- Storms
- Heat
- r00d people
- Messes
- more t.b.a
 - T.B.A

✱Personality: Serious . Quiet . Silly . Needy . Shy
-- Kim is a serious and quiet individual who often doesn't say much despite his strong opinions.
He fails to understand most humorous gags/jokes but is still entertained by them and will often
participate to make himself feel as though he's apart of something.
Kim tends to be lazy but will deny it by claiming that he just //doesn't have any motivation//.
He can be silly and tell his own jokes, but because he always has a straight / serious expression it's hard to tell whether he's joking or actually serious.
Kim can be independent but when he makes friends and becomes attached, he grows needy and will often follow them around . . .alot, especially if they feed him . .he's like a bear . . .don't feed him
More t.b.a

✱Biography: Kim was born in a middle class family. He always sought the most simple/easiest path and avoided conflict.
Being serious by nature affected the way he made friends and he usually put most of his love into his stuffed animals and his overly affectionate parents
who put emphasis on love. He never really had to struggle too much and would spend most of his days indoors staring at the clouds through his window, holding his stuffed animals ,eating vanilla ice cream and laying on his cushions as he did so.
As he got older his parents admired how calm, sweet and well behaved he was, but they noticed that he hardly had any real friends much less a loving relationship. Believing that their current home had an impact on how he made friends ,they moved to Aerie, not only because they thought Kim would make some friends but because they thought highly of the little town.

✱Other facts:
- Korean
- Has a butt-load of quilts omg . . different shades of blue
- Blue is his favorite color, next to white lol
- It's believed that he only has one facial expression.
- Kind of a neat freak.
- His loves to give presents to the people he loves and will often sacrifice things of his own.
- Loves romance and can be a romantic when that special person goes pass his shy and solid exterior. /blame his mother/
- Horrible at talking to girls and gets super nervous and blushy. //doesn't display this / he keeps a straight face
- Lives with his parents still because his mom really does not want him to leave . . .evar
- More t.b.a

Optional section;

✱Theme song:
-- Coldplay - Paradise =…
. .I can't decide omg
MuteMath - Progress =…

✱Voice: :iconyaranaikaplz: [ Insert Sexy Asian Man voice here ] . .until I find something ..ughhh


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Excellent Character design! It seems to me like Koku and Kim would get along quite well
I mean c'mon both of their first names start with K.......
MooZaro Sep 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Thank you <3333
I'm glad you like him ahaha <3333~!!!!!
I'll be happy to rp with you at anytime! send me a note vuv
hopelessromantic721 Sep 10, 2013   Traditional Artist
Aw he looks adorable~ I think his personality sounds like fun too :iconyuiheavenplz:
MooZaro Sep 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist

hopelessromantic721 Sep 15, 2013   Traditional Artist
nene7980 Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He so beautiful its burning my eye balls :iconmingcryplz:

he going on my shelf


MooZaro Sep 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist

LOL stahp et XD
he sounds so cool! *  7  * even though he hates sweets, i imagine he is sweet. i can see him and kyary being friends!
MooZaro Sep 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist

I'm glad you like him <33
Yes, hopefully when we rp soon ;v;
ixorii Sep 7, 2013
asdfghjklkjhg woahh. he's so cool!! ; v ;
i love his design. ♥
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